Remote Camp Grocery Hauling

Transportation of food for distribution is a tough bracket, add in 40 below weather or lease roads with mud deep enough to have a tow tractor ready to pull your equipment into camp. Reilly Transfer Group is ready and prepared for any road or weather condition to safely haul your groceries to site and keeping it at Food Safe Regulations.

Vehicle Options

Multiple units available. We have crew cab 4×4 2-ton cube vans, crew cab 5 tons and tractor trailers from pups to 53’ trailers, all refrigerated and a few combinations of dual and tri zone temperature regulated vans.

 Our Warehouse

10,000 square foot warehouse that is clean and set up for cross docking and distribution.


A dispatch team that concentrates solely on grocery distribution and safe handling. 24-hour support to help with the logistical challenges and also to help coordinate the staffing needs to and from camp.